Why men (may) have it harder

There are many things that make it difficult to understand whether it is women or men that have it harder in life. Women give birth, which is one of the most painful situations the human body can endure. Men can usually walk anywhere they want or go into any bar without having to worry about someone sexually harassing or raping them. In addition to this, men can typically apply to most jobs without having to worry about the gender pay gap or gender discrimination. However, men are faced with traditional standards of masculinity such as assertiveness, competitiveness, and toughness as well as a need to feel dominant. Because of these toxic masculinity standards, men are often emotionally inexpressive as well as reluctant to seek help for various personal problems. These personal problems can build up deep inside and blow out of proportion.  An example of this could of course be the mass shootings that have been taking place that have put people in danger for the past few years. According to Statista, between 1982 and 2021, 116 shootings occurred where the shooter was male, in contrast to 3 female shooters.

Furthermore, boys are much more likely to be diagnosed with emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and attention deficit disorder. They are also more likely to commit suicide and drop out of high school. Men definitely experience other issues that put them at a disadvantage. To add on to this, they commit much more violence than women do, and apart from rape, also suffer a higher rate of violent victimization. Men also tend to die younger than women and are injured much more often.

Growing recognition of these issues in a male society can of course help us understand how to be there for one another. It can also help us learn how we can make life better for both men and women. Being aware of these problems can make everything much easier to cope with.


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