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What is transformative leadership?

Transformative leadership is a leadership approach that emphasizes change, innovation, and growth within an organization. Transformative leaders aim to inspire and empower their teams to reach their full potential, challenge the status quo, and create positive change within the organization and society as a whole.

Why is it important for a business to focus on transformative leadership?

It is important for a company to focus on transformative leadership development because the impact of effective leadership on an organization’s success cannot be overstated. Leaders who are committed to transformative leadership can inspire their team to work harder, be more productive, and achieve greater levels of success. They can also help to create a positive workplace culture that encourages innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

What is a Corporate Change Agent in Leadership?

A Change Agent focused on leadership in a company is a professional who is trained to identify areas for improvement in the company’s leadership and help implement changes that will lead to more effective and transformative leadership practices. They work with leaders at all levels of the organization to develop and implement leadership strategies that will help the organization achieve its goals.

Why should I become a Corporate Change Agent in Leadership?

Become a change agent focused on leadership if you believe effective leadership is essential for the success of any organization. Transformative leadership can create positive change not only within the organization but also in the broader society. Some benefits of becoming a change agent focused on leadership include:

  • The ability to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential
  • The opportunity to create positive change and make a difference in people’s lives
  • The ability to develop and implement innovative leadership strategies that can help organizations thrive in a rapidly changing world
  • The potential to earn a higher salary and take on more challenging and rewarding roles
  • The opportunity to join a growing and dynamic field with many exciting career opportunities.

How do I become a Corporate Change Agent in Leadership?

To become a certified change agent focused on leadership through the Council for Corporate Transformation, individuals can follow a simple three-step process.

Step 1. Select Leadership as your area of focus.

Step 2. Choose your certification program option. Choose from either the 12-week general certification program, which is self-guided, or the 24-week Advanced Certification program, which includes more in-depth content and personalized coaching sessions.

Step 3. Submit your program application, which includes indicating your desire and goals for wanting to be trained in this area, as well as an interview with a program manager to ensure student and program fit. Application fees are waived for members of the Council for Corporate Transformation.

By completing this program, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills needed to become effective change agents in their organizations, driving transformative change and making a positive impact on the company and overall performance.

View Certification Program Options

General Certification Program

Advanced Certification Program

General Certification Program

The 12-week leadership training program equips participants with essential knowledge and skills for becoming effective change agent leaders, covering topics such as change management, strategic thinking, team building, coaching and mentoring, emotional intelligence, communication, ethical leadership, innovation, and sustaining change.

Week 1: Introduction to change agent leadership

  • Understanding the role of a change agent leader
  • Assessing the current state of leadership in your organization

Week 2: Leading change

  • Change management frameworks and models
  • Identifying and overcoming resistance to change

Week 3: Strategic thinking and decision-making

  • Developing a strategic mindset
  • Approaches to effective decision-making

Week 4: Leading teams

  • Building high-performing teams
  • Facilitating team communication and collaboration

Week 5: Coaching and mentoring

  • Coaching and mentoring as leadership tools
  • Approaches to effective coaching and mentoring

Week 6: Emotional intelligence

  • Understanding emotions in the workplace
  • Developing emotional intelligence as a leader

Week 7: Communication

  • Effective communication strategies
  • Overcoming communication barriers

Week 8: Leading with integrity

  • Understanding ethical leadership
  • Building a culture of integrity

Week 9-10: Innovation and creativity

  • Approaches to fostering innovation and creativity
  • Leading innovation projects

Week 11-12: Leading change sustainably

  • Measuring and evaluating change
  • Embedding change in the organization’s culture

The program will also include case studies, self-reflection activities, and opportunities for group discussions and feedback.

Advanced Certification Program

The 24-week leadership training program is designed to help participants develop the skills and knowledge needed to be effective change agents in the area of leadership. It covers a range of topics, including self-awareness, communication, team building, problem-solving, decision-making, and innovation, as well as specific strategies for promoting change within an organization. The program includes a mix of online modules, in-person workshops, coaching sessions, and community building activities to support participants in their learning and development. By the end of the program, participants will have a deeper understanding of themselves as leaders and the tools and techniques needed to drive positive change within their organization.

Phase 1: Self-Discovery and Assessing the Organization

Week 1: Introduction to Change Agent Leadership

  • Understanding the role of a change agent leader
  • Assessing the current state of leadership in your organization
  • Leadership self-assessment and development plan
  • Coaching and mentoring for leaders

Week 2: Leadership Styles and Communication

  • Understanding your leadership style and how it affects your communication and interactions with others
  • Improving communication skills, including active listening and feedback
  • Building a culture of trust and respect

Week 3: Emotional Intelligence and Effective Decision Making

  • Understanding emotions in the workplace and developing emotional intelligence as a leader
  • Approaches to effective decision-making
  • Creating and implementing performance management systems
  • Performance feedback and coaching for employees

Week 4: Change Management and Leading Change

  • Change management frameworks and models
  • Identifying and overcoming resistance to change
  • Developing a vision for change and leading change initiatives
  • Change communication and engagement strategies

Phase 2: Building High-Performing Teams

Week 5: Building and Leading Teams

  • Building high-performing teams and promoting collaboration
  • Facilitating team communication and resolving conflicts
  • Creating and implementing team goals and objectives
  • Developing leadership presence and impact

Week 6: Team Dynamics and Conflict Management

  • Understanding team dynamics and how they affect team performance
  • Conflict management strategies and techniques
  • Creating and implementing team development plans

Week 7: Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders

  • Developing coaching and mentoring skills as a leader
  • Providing feedback and support to team members
  • Creating and implementing individual development plans

Week 8: Leading Change Across Teams and Departments

  • Understanding how to lead change across different teams and departments
  • Building alliances and partnerships for change
  • Addressing cultural and communication differences

Week 9: Innovation and Creativity

  • Approaches to fostering innovation and creativity in the workplace
  • Developing and implementing ideas for change
  • Measuring and evaluating change outcomes

Week 10: Sustaining Change and Leading with Integrity

  • Understanding ethical leadership and building a culture of integrity
  • Embedding change in the organization’s culture
  • Developing leadership resilience and managing personal well-being

Phase 3: Application and Integration

Week 11-22: Coaching and Application

  • One-on-one coaching sessions to apply learning to real-world challenges in the participant’s organization
  • Group discussions and peer support to share best practices and provide feedback
  • Progress tracking and goal-setting to ensure continued growth and development

Week 23-24: Reflection and Closure

  • Reflection on the learning journey and personal growth as a change agent leader
  • Developing a plan for continued learning and development
  • Program evaluation and feedback

The program will also include an online community of fellow change agent leaders to share best practices and provide support throughout the program.

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