Developing meaningful relationships

Developing meaningful relationships is a very great way to improve one’s life. The Society for Personality and Social Psychology says that meaningful relationships help people thrive. Meaningful relationships offer several benefits, such as improved mental health, decreased mortality rates, better perceived well-being, higher self-confidence, broader perspectives and understanding. These are just a few of the perks of developing a meaningful relationship in one’s life. Connecting fully means much more than just simply conversing and sharing common interests. It means to share what is important to you with someone else and feel as if that person is both listening and understanding. In addition to this, a meaningful relationship means helping someone even though there isn’t anything in it for you.

There are many skills that can help develop meaningful relationships. These will be immensely helpful for those that want the highest potential quality of life. All the skills that will be mentioned can of course be developed.  The first is active listening. This means to listen to the person with a goal of understanding rather than a goal of formulating a response. The second skill is self-expression, which can be developed by speaking words of affirmation to yourself that will eventually make you much more confident than ever before. The third skill is forgiveness. This is important in relationships because nobody is perfect, and friction will occur. Lastly, being present can help make your relationship more meaningful because when you are present, you are entirely focused on the discussion or person in front of you. This is something that may take practice, but is always best. Kindness, compassion, and the ability to make others feel cared for are also valuable relationship building traits. 


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