How Can Companies Maximize Inclusivity in Their Workplace?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are important aspects of having a multicultural workplace.However, within the past year, companies have been pushing for equity and inclusion maximization in their workplace.Yet, maximizing inclusivity in a work environment should be more than a checkbox; it should be an attempt by companies to incorporate diverse voices and perspectives into their business.

How can companies use inclusivity in their workplace to expand their marketing or brand?

According to a 2020 article by Paychex Worx titled “Understanding Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace,” many businesses are taking great strides to ensure that they bring diverse voices, backgrounds, ages, genders, and cultures into their workplace.  However, the article also points out that inclusivity speaks more about the employees’ sense of belonging in the workplace rather than its employees’ educational or ethnic backgrounds.  For example, one way companies could maximize inclusivity in their workplace is through implementing wheelchair accessibility or braille keyboards and materials. 

“Inclusion in the workplace is an organizational effort.”

Paychex Worx

According to the article, companies can maximize inclusivity in their workplace through inclusion initiatives where employees are allowed to place their input into the company. Whether in physical or virtual meetings, having employees give their input into conversations could go a long way for companies, ensuring that all voices are heard and that any potential issues are addressed at team meetings. 

By assuring employees that their voices are heard, companies not only make space for inclusive measures like wheelchair accessibility or Braille keyboards, but also help create a positive work environment for the business. 

In an article by CuteHR titled “How to Improve Inclusion in the Workplace?” author Kathryn Russell argues that “hiring initiatives with proactive inclusion efforts that sustain employees with diverse backgrounds” could help companies actualize the benefits of a diverse workplace. For Russell, there are three steps that companies could utilize to create a more inclusive workplace:

  1. Communicate goals and measure progress.
  2. Listen to employees.
  3. Recognize differences.

For companies to maximize inclusivity in their workplace, communication is key. If companies can effectively communicate their intentions about possible inclusive initiatives or other means of ensuring their employees belong at the company, then maximizing inclusivity in their workplace shouldn’t be difficult. In addition, CEOs, managers, and supervisors who recognize the differences between their employees and work to ensure that all parties feel a sense of belonging can use those differences to benefit the company. 

“Managers should communicate inclusivity goals to encourage cultural change in the office.”

Kathryn Russell

Companies can maximize inclusivity in their workplace if they are willing to invest in the time needed to ensure that employees have a place in the workplace. Through communicating with employees, companies not only hear diverse perspectives on issues of concern  but also accommodate employees based on their needs (i.e. wheelchair accessibility.) Additionally, working to recognize and address the differences between employees allows companies the opportunity to maximize inclusivity by bridging the gap between the differences.


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Photo by Daniel Ali on Unsplash


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