How Can Businesses Use Social Media Marketing to Attract New Clients?

With the creation of social media, businesses have found a new way to communicate with their clients and potential business partners. However, utilizing social media as an asset to a company can be difficult if not handled appropriately. For example, larger companies might have difficulty with using social media as a marketing tool to attract new clients, and small businesses might have the advantage. Businesses are seeking to find new ways to get their services out to potential customers by tailoring their social media and blog or website content to increase engagement.

Engagement is vital when it comes to social media.  Regardless of medium, how your audience responds to your content can be a game-changer for upcoming businesses. But what about established companies like Amazon, Microsoft, or the medical industry? How can they use social media to market their services and products to attract new clients?

In a December 2020 article by Indeed titled, “10 Marketing Strategies To Attract and Retain Customers,” the editorial team argues that a marketing strategy appeals to the customer because it makes the customer or prospective client want to learn more about the company and what the company can do for them. According to the editorial team, if a business wants to appeal to a customer, it must understand who the customer is and what they want. What makes the potential client want to purchase a particular product or service? 

While a marketing strategy could be a part of using social media, it shouldn’t be the only thing. LinkedIn, for example, is a great “social media” platform that businesses can use to attract new clients and promote their services. Although seemingly not as useful as something like Instagram, where businesses can create captions and photos of their services and products, LinkedIn allows businesses the opportunity to market themselves differently. 

LinkedIn allows a company to connect with other like-minded companies and understand the types of clients they are bringing in. Additionally, LinkedIn gives businesses the chance to see what services and products their competitors are rolling out and either modify their services or make sure that clients see them over their competitors. 

In the Indeed article, the editorial team notes ten marketing strategies that a business can use to attract new clients. Note: most of the suggested strategies can be combined with social media to further a businesses’ view towards potential clients. 

  1. Leverage social media.
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Generate a Call to Action for customers.
  5. Partner with Social Media Influencers.
  6. Build a mailing list with email marketing. 
  7. Creating an affiliate program (similar to partnering with influencers.)
  8. Engage with customers through a chat function.
  9. Host Webinars.
  10. Develop customer personas (researching and developing services to specific clients.)

Marketing strategies like creating an affiliate program, creating a call to action for customers, or building a mailing list with email marketing are great ways for businesses to market their services to new clients. Creating an affiliate program through social media not only causes the customer to want to learn more about the company through the social media platform but also on the website. An affiliate program gives companies the opportunity to get their products and services out to potential customers by way of social media.

As I mentioned in my post about how businesses can collaborate with social media influencers, creating an affiliate program is a great way to garner customer interest. Having social media influencers become affiliates to a company and market their products, takes a bit of weight off the shoulders of the company while at the same time broadcasting their services to a broaderand more diverse audience.

A call to action like “Sale ends Monday! Get yours today!” or “Grab a copy of “10 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses!” is again a great method for businesses, especially when implemented with social media. Through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posts, businesses can create these call-to-action taglines and give customers an incentive to come learn more about their company, services, and products. 

How a business uses social media to market itself to attract new clients should also have input from the company’s marketing team. Because the marketing team most likely works closely with the digital media team, they might have some insight into what trends, keywords, or phrases draw in clients.


Indeed Editorial Team. “10 Marketing Strategies To Attract and Retain Customers.” Indeed. Accessed 1 June 2021.


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