Adapting to the Stress of COVID-19

During the past year, world events have caused people to not be living their lives as they should. Situations such as job loss, the death of a loved one, and businesses closing for most of the year has had real impacts on most people. We are not able to do the activities we were able to do pre-coronavirus. 

The CDC has provided us with some advice for dealing with the stress of these hardships. One of the most major pieces of advice is of course to take care of your body first and foremost. They also say to take deep breaths, relax, and meditate. It is also a really good idea to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and get exercise daily to maintain a healthy body weight. There are many people that have gained weight in quarantine, so this is extremely helpful advice for individuals who want to have a very enjoyable long life despite the events happening all over the world right now.

Getting lots of sleep is also particularly good advice, because the pandemic has caused people to lose plenty of sleep. This could be because there has been a spike of anxiety and depression, especially because under pandemic restrictions, we are so limited in our everyday options. We may feel like we are not able to get help, and thus deal with our issues ourselves. Lastly, a piece of advice that the CDC gives to individuals who are dealing with the stress of COVID-19 is to avoid excessive alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse. This could be since people feel like there is not much to do so they want to get rid of their problems by being under the influence. It is very unfortunate but hopefully as time goes on the situation will get better.


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